We are looking for Bloggers, Freelancers and Technical Writers, who can Write for Us at our Blog. If you are a regular follower of this Smart Cyber Blog, you may have noticed that we only cover in-depth articles which covers almost every essential bits of the related topic.

If you have similar skills and contribute an article, we  can feature it in our Blog. In this way you can become popular. Guest Blogging is essential for promoting your own blog and for interchanging readers. Please contact us if you want to write an article for SmartCyberBlog.

Note: We also take Promotional Guest Posts.

What we’re looking for

  • Contributors who has a profound knowledge and skill in the subject of the Article. Better if he/she tried the Product/Service/Technology before writing about it.
  • The Written article must not be published anywhere else before or after SmartCyberBlog
  • Article Word limit must be more than 1000+ Words; that does not mean you will fill that with Garbage.
  • You can use Images , Videos and Podcasts in your Article but all must be produced by yourself. If these are taken from other Authors or Publishers , proper Credit must be given.
  • We respect Copywrites. So, credit will be given to you for your contributed article. But, it is only limited to your Blog/Website/Social Accounts.
  • If any Promoted or Affiliate links found in your Article, either we will remove the link or if we wish we can replace the link with our Affiliate Id.
  • You are giving rights to us to change any Word/Sentence if found can be better for SEO purpose if we think including Post Title and Slug.

What we’re Not looking for

  • If your Submitted Article has lots of Grammatical Errors and poorly written, we are going to discard it without any second thought.
  • If you are trying to Spam with Keywords in your submitted Article
  • If you are using Content Spinner Software to Write your Article
  • We check Plagiarism Score before accepting any Guest Post
  • Purely Promotional Post for any Product and Service. If you are submitting a Review type post then you must write all Pros and Cons for better user understanding.
  • Smart Cyber Blog fully keeps the rights to approve or deny any Guest Post by various means. If we think it is not relevant or worthy for our readers then we may discard your post or Article.
  • Don’t claim any Payment for your submission. We don’t Pay for Writing articles here.

Send Us an Email First regarding your Article Submission

First send us an Email describing your Article in brief and if we think we will contact you later. If We allow to write for us then you will send the full article with relevant Images. Videos and links. Main Article in .doc/.docx format and .jpg/.png format for images. Videos and Podcasts can be uploaded in different Third-Party sites and attach the embed links only.