10 Tips for Choosing a Better Physical Products to Sell Online

10 Tips for Choosing a Better Physical Products to Sell Online

Physical products are not easy to sell online! But, if you want to start your online store for selling physical products, you can do it easily with proper strategy.

Today the Boom with Internet revolution has created a great opportunity to sell online. You have decided to start your own venture selling physical products online. Now, you want to choose some physical products which can be sold online. You may have already decided on some products which you want to sell but wait a minute!

  • How did you choose the product?
  • Is there any unique strategy in your mind?
  • The question is why you selected this physical product?

If you can answer this above questions then your job is half done. In addition with this, I am giving you ten extra tips or suggestions below to help you better answer these questions here.

  1. Sell Unique: This is the fundamental and best idea to success in online selling. You must choose some products which are not easily available everywhere when starting your shop.
  2. Value-Addition: Best fit for your product category would be the products which adds value. This means say, you have handmade a “Flower Vass” but if you use it reversely it can also be used as “Pen holder”. So, this alternate usage can be used to show off as value addition with the main use of that product.
  3. Less Competitive Category: If your chosen category has too many competitors, you have to spend lot more on online advertisement and SEO and your pricing will be high, ultimately you may have many visitors but a few handful loyal buyers.
  4. Avoid Fragile Products: It is better to avid products which are made of Glass, Clay and other fragile materials. Because in time of transit from your warehouse to customer, things can break and you have to replace them and have some unhappy customers.
  5. Avoid Electronic or Serviceable Products: These type of products are easily available and has high competition rates worldwide. Also, you have to provide Guarantees / Warranties to gain Customer trust and these costs money to setup service centers.
  6. Choose Long Lasting Products: Choose the products which have a long life span and build on durable materials.
  7. Restricted Products: There are some products which are restricted by Governments in different countries. Like you can’t sell Gun, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobaccos etc. in many countries. Also there are some restricted materials like Animal Skin, some Chemicals which are used to make some products worldwide.
  8. Avoid Products which occupies large Inventories: Some products like Home/Office Furniture, Electronic appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Other various huge machinery requires very large storage space, high investments, and higher delivery charges with lots of manpower to maintain. Avoid them if you don’t have necessary resources.
  9. Avoid Seasonal products: These products are sold in particular Holiday or Occasional times. These are not suitable for regular basis selling. E.g. Fireworks, X-mass cakes, Eid special foods etc.
  10. Expandable and Personalised Products: Expandable Product categories allows you to add more similar type products to sell in your inventory. Which helps to analyse and experiment which products are selling better than others and which are losing you money. Personalise products are customised or modified products which perfectly matches with your buyer’s choices. These type of products sells good but requires more experience and understanding of your customers.

Keep in mind this 10 suggestions while choosing a better product for your online shop. If you have other tips and suggestions please share with us by commenting below and share with others.

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