Our Services

Idea Curation

We can help your idea to make alive. We love working with Startups and can Guide your Thoughts towards right direction.

Strategic Consulting

It’s time to make your idea Market Ready. Our specialized Consulting Team can shape and refine different possibilities for you.

Business Plan

Let us do the boring but essential part of your Business. We can make it investment ready and perfect for Elevator Speech.

Web Development

From Designing Prototype to actual viable Product and Services based on your idea. Everything of Design & Development.

Brand Marketing

We can Build your Brand for Local and Global. Different approach and Techniques used by our team to establish your brand.

Help & Support

Ongoing monthly Support and Development Help can be aqquired from us with your Business Lifespan.



This was our own Startup Project which combined Modern Social Network with Business Directory site. It was build on top of Joomla CMS where we added various services for our users. It was comprised of a Social Network styled as Dating/Matrimonial site. Also, we have added a Wedding Business Directory where Wedding Vendors can send their Proposals to wannabe couples. Full website was free for users and a Pinterest style Wedding Registry and Forum was added. The project was launched in 2014 and it was much ahead of time to understand by its users. So, we closed it. It proved our expertise to launch heavily complex projects.

I am extremely happy with the work of my Personal Photography Website made by Smart Cyber Zone. The full screen gallery website can perfectly showcase my photos even on mobile phones.
Our Services
Sourav Mondal
Nature Photographer
Our Services
Smart Cyber Zone made our online Pharmacy Website MedicBaba. There was also a Doctor's Appointment Booking module which got extremely popular among our customers.
Our Services
Parikshit Biswas
Founder Medicbaba.com
We are happy with our Wedding Planner Website made by Smart Cyber Zone Team. Also, they has done Local SEO for our website nicely and we got many customers from it.
Our Services
Avikram Ghosh
CEO, Baromasheteroparbon
Our Services
Our Services
We got our online presence in the form of PAWorld.in website created and hosted by Smart Cyber Zone. Our site consists of Brochure of our Company Products, which are presented nicely. Good Job Team.
Our Services
Abhrajit R.
Marketing Director, PAWorld