Is there any Empty Market for another Classifieds Site still Today?

Is there any Empty Market for another Classifieds Site still Today?


There is a serious need for Specific Classified Websites which are Specialized in Single Category or Niche.

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If you read Newspaper in morning with Tea/Coffee, then you must have seen the increase of Classified/YellowPages Ads every day on regular basis. Also if you have noticed there are increase in number of Local Newspapers in your Locality which also contains local Classified Ads in it. Same logic applies for Online Classified Websites but the problem is everybody tries to make classified sites which contains every single business categories and Visitors are overwhelmed by these non – relevant ads.

Imagine you want to adopt a Pet Dog and you are searching on giant classified sites like OLX, Quikr and found total 540 Ads on Pet Dogs. Here comes the problem, you have to open and see every Ads to determine its proper location and details of the Dog. In contrast you have found a “Pet Dogs Only Classified Site” which details about different types of Pet Dogs with proper structured information like Age, Breed, Colour, Size, Food Habit etc. Which Website Do You Prefer Now?

Here comes the concept of Specialised Niche only Classified Websites. And there are a lot of potential of these type of specific single category niche online classified websites. You have to master on the Niche to grow your Classified Business successfully.

We have collected 20+ Niche Classified Sites and Business Directories. Also, we have found relevant Scripts to make such site. See this Difference of Online Classifieds and Business Directory with 20+ Live Examples and Scripts!

Future of Online Classified Sites:

The global online classifieds market is enormous with estimates as high as $47B globally by 2020 (does not include offline).  There are two types of online classifieds businesses – horizontal and vertical.  Horizontal platforms have no particular specialisation and may include a variety of services such as jobs, real estate, autos, and so forth.  Craigslist is a horizontal classifieds platform.  Vertical platforms focus specifically on a single or niche category.

If you want to read more on market insights and reports on future of Online Classified website then you may read these Classified Platform Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016 – 2026 or these Global Digital Advertisement Market with Focus on Online Classifieds (2015 – 2019). Both details report is chargeable. Also you can get some overview from Statista.

Is there any Empty Market for another Classifieds Site still Today? 1

Some Expert Tips for Creating Specific Niche Classified Websites here: 

  1. It must be Personalized : There must be a clear and specific personal user experience strategy when building. Users must feel special treatment at your site. Navigation, Placement of Ads, Responsiveness, Clear process flow, Extensive filters to search exactly what a user needs.
  2. Cut off Clutter: Try to maintain the quality of Advertisements rather than Quantity. Delete SPAM Ads as soon as possible. Only genuine sellers will be welcomed.
  3. Social Interaction: Ads must be socially shareable on different Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.
  4. Localisation: Clear location based searches are mostly preferred. Users prefers to buy from neighborhood rather than different City even Country!
  5. SEO: Every single Ads must be favored by Google. That means proper Title, Metadata, Keywords and if possible Search Schema should be maintained automatically.
  6. Speed: Everyone loves speedy websites even google also. Take special care to load your site less than 3 Seconds on a typical Broadband connection.
  7. Constant Focus: You as a founder must focus on your dream. If you are thinking to make your dream a part time job, then my advice is please don’t do it.

Here are some example of Niche or Specialised Online Classified Websites for Your Reference:

  • Pet Classified Sites : ,
  • Escort Classified Sites : , ,
  • Truck Driver Jobs Classified : , , ,
  • Musical Instrument Classified : , ,,

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You can share your views on Online Classified Websites and Business Directories here in below comment section to help users. Also if you are a Founder or associated with a Specific Niche Classified site then you are welcome to showcase your site here.


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