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How to Choose a Niche for an Online Classified Startup?

Many people will say it is very hard to find a specific niche now a day to start any online business. Do you think they are telling the Truth?

I am confident that they are not. Selecting a very specific Niche and building an online empire on it requires a lot of research and planning. After that comes the execution part which is even more harder.

Check 20 different niches of Classified Websites and Business Directories to get some idea.

To select a niche, you must evaluate it being free from any personal bias. That means if you really like something and want to have everyone like that then it is a mistake of yours, not others. So, carefully judge the specific category that you want to select.

How to Choose a Niche for an Online Classified Startup? 1

Here are some basic steps which can help you doing so.

  1. Brainstorm and finalize maximum 3 category ideas in your head and write it down.
  2. Open top 5 classified sites and pick that 3 categories and count the number of Advertisements in it, write it down.
  3. Now carefully notice the posting dates and contact numbers/addresses of the Ads. from each top Classified sites one by one. Try to understand the patterns of the postings. If you see same date/location and same or similar ads they you will understand they are related to same product/service from same Seller is being sold on different sites. That means they are duplicate Ads everywhere. Count them out from your total number of ads you wrote previously.
  4. Try to contact some random advertisers on your selected niche categories just to confirm that they are real or not! Test at least 5 from each category that means 3*5= 15 Ads. Write down your findings again.
  5. From the above findings you can prepare a basic feasibility report by practically evaluating from preferred 3 niches and finally select one.
  6. Next you also need to study the search queries for your selected niche category. For this you can study the google search results and auto suggestion results. Also look for Google Alerts.
  7. Physically contact with some possible buyers and sellers, talk about them if they really need a platform to be organised or not. Ask their opinions.
  8. Prepare to study a lot about your selected niche category and make a list of websites, blogs, forums on your niche.
  9. Start writing or blogging about that in various related websites or forums where you can find your possible customers.
  10. After carefully studying about the possibilities (feasibility) you can start your Online Niche Classified Website. Otherwise if you start random then chances of failure are very high.

Tips: For Online Classified Websites both Location and Category is equally important. To make a profitable Niche Classified site you must concentrate on a Single Category and a Geographically small location like only one State in a Country. Choose Domain Name relevant to the Main Category. Include every Cities and Villages in it then spread.

E.g. If you want to open a Classified Niche Site for only Mobile Phones in Uk you may pick a domain like (many International domains like .in .de .ca .fr .ch all available). Another very popular and demanding Classified Service is Escort service though it is not legal in many countries but you can try if your country don’t restrict. Fancy names like,,, are perfect choice for premium escort classified sites and are good money making machine.

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If you have some suggestions regarding how to select a specific niche category for online classified websites, please comment below. It will help the beginners who are willing to start their ventures.

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