Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround?

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround?

After playing around 3 years at “Siteground“we have transferred our hosting provider to “FastComet“. Today I shall share my experience with FastComet Web Hosting. It is also 3+ years SmartCyberBlog  is hosted with FastComet and I am ready to write a FastComet Hosting Review now.

Please note that we wear happy with Siteground Hosting but it was excessing our budget for hosting per year. So,  we need  better or almost same features in lower price for our hosting. Please read on to know the exact details “Why We have Switched  to FastComet from SiteGround?

Introduction of FastComet:

FastComet has Headquarter in San Francisco, California. FastComet started their Cloud Hosting Business in late 2013. But, previously they were building  PAAS (Platform As A Service) for different clients for more than 9 years. They are recommended as “Top Shared Hosting Provider” by various Hosting Review platforms. You can read Reviews and Testimonial on FastComet here. They don’t outsource support and technical staff like others do. They has in-house CMS specialised support team available 24/7. We will talk about that later in details.

First thing we liked about FastComet is their “Same Price on Renewal” confirmation. We don’t like to get any surprised charge on our credit card. After renewing twice now we can confirm that FastComet is very loyal as they promised. You can see our previous invoices here.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 1

I shall talk about features and benefits about FastComet Hosting in this review. Many people don’t know how to choose the best web hosting company according to their needs. They get confused with overload of features and cheap pricing. But, actually don’t use all this features properly.

8 Global Data Centre across 3 Continents:

The first thing you will notice at FastComet website that they have 8 Global Data Centre location. They have service in Chicago, Dallas, Newark, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 2
[Fastcomet Data Center Image]

Why data centre location is important?

Because if you host your website near your customer’s base location, they will get faster website loading while browsing your website. SmartCyberBlog website is hosted at Frankfurt data centre. Because our main reader base is from USA and UK. If you are running a local business or service website and don’t need global audience reach, then you can host your website at nearest data centre.

Please Note: If you use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) then it is possible to replicate your website data across different CDN servers and CDN will deliver your website contents to your readers from nearest location possible automatically.

FastComet also provides Free CloudFlare CDN with their hosting packages.

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Best in Class Technology Partnership in FastComet:

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[Technology partner images]

FastComet SSD-Only Cloud Hosting:

SSD means “Solid State Drives“. These are faster than traditional SATA hard disk which we regularly use. Many hosting providers still don’t use SSD because it is costly. Also there are different hosting providers advertise they have SSD but restricted at higher level plans which day will not tell you. Or, there are some hosting providers which will move your site to normal SATA hard drives when you reach certain restrictions like “nodes” or ” total file count”. Some hosting providers offers SSD for only Database storage. FastComet only uses SSD for files and databases on all their hosting plans.

FastComet uses Linode  and SingleHop cloud servers with CloudLinux operating system deployed on Intel Hardware. Combination of all this above makes your website much faster than others.

Free Automated Backup System:

The next important thing to remember FastComet has automated daily and weekly backup system of your website for free. Anytime you can restore is snapshot of your complete website either yourself or by chatting with support executives. They use JetBackup and Git Version Control System in-build.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 4

FastComet Super Support Facilities:

They have 24/7 priority technical support available for all their customers by phone (Toll Free Numbers for US and EU), instant chat, email and ticket system. Response time of chat and phone is instant and for email and ticket it’s maximum 10 minutes.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 5

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CMS Specialised Hosting:

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 6
FastComet loves to work with open source CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, SocialEngine,  Magento, WooCommerce, Ghost Blog,  ZenCart, OpenCart and more. They provide free application, module/plugin setup and installation, provide free themes and automatic upgrades. Also, they provide free transfer of hosting and domain names from different hosting providers. When I transferred my sites from SiteGround to FastComet they happily did that with zero downtime of my sites.

FastComet Shared Hosting Plan Details and Review:

If you have closed clear look at their different hosting plans you can find out they are offering Single website hosting at their basic plan and other two plans have Unlimited website hosting.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 7
Please Pay Attention: FastComet provides 45 Days Money Back Guarantee, with “No Question Asked” which is enough to try their Services. Immediate Activation of your hosting account to pass away long verification processes to get started immediately. “Same Renewal Price” which is the most overlooked feature for buyers who always tends to go for Cheap Hosting. And last of all “No Cancellation Fees”. Means, you are not obliged to pay anything if you leave their service for any reason. Some website hosting companies have hidden charges which they apply if you try to migrate your website off their server to someone else. I have faced this some years ago at Hostgator.

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Secret of Unlimited Hosting!

FastComet offers SSD storage with RAID10 configuration from 15 GB, 25 GB, and 35 GB which are more than enough to host 10 to 15 medium sized Websites or Blogs.

If you are new to start a website, probably you will not understand the details I have written below. You can skip or read on to master about any web hosting secrets.

These are the limitations of unlimited web hosting providers. Generally, they don’t tell you openly this detail information on their advertising pages. But, if you ask them or read terms and conditions and acceptable user policies you can get this details.

FastComet is very loyal and transparent to show you this information anytime you ask and their chat support (before or after buying!)

For your reference I am explaining what these terms mean and why to know them is important.

What is Concurrent connections (Entry Process) ?

It typically means that many sockets (probably TCP/IP sockets) are connected at the same time. For example, an HTTP server disconnects after the client has received all of the files it requires or after the pipeline has exceeded its maximum number of requests.

This is the main use of Caching Technologies to reduce concurrent connection. Also note that FastComet uses Cloudlinux which has inbuilt mechanism to reduce entry process limit.

What is Number of Processes (NPROC)?

NPROC controls the total number of processes and threads within LVE (Linux Virtual Environment). Once the limit is reached, no new process can be created (until another one dies).

This system deals with CPU and if you use multiple number of processes at the same time then CPU overloads and hamper other processes required and initialised by other users using the same shared server.

 What is Script Executions?

A simple example of a Script execution is when a visitor opens your website and your index PHP file is loaded. This counts as one execution. The more visitors your website has, the more executions it will generate. Please note that this is valid only for dynamically generated content. If you open a picture or an HTML page a new execution will not be generated on the server. Executions are counted for the following scripting languages – PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.

To reduce script execution always use Cache and CDN if possible. Some Cache and CDN mechanism can also Caches Dynamic Pages in Memory or in SSD as Static Files and they can be served as usual HTML files without executing the script continuously per request.

 What is Average Script Execution Time?

By default, the maximum execution time for PHP scripts is set to 30 seconds. If a script runs for longer than 30 seconds, PHP stops the script and reports an error. You can control the amount of time PHP allows scripts to run by changing the max_execution_time directive in your php.ini file.

What is Average Daily CPU Utilization?

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can measure this utilisation inside your Cpanel account and FastComet resource monitoring tool called Observer from your account page.

What is Inodes or Total File Count?

Inodes are total number of files and folders limit inside your hosting space. Every hosting provider has limit on them when they offer Unlimited Space with hosting. You can store maximum number of different files and folders inside your hosting account as per the limit.

What is Minimum Cron Job Interval?

Cron jobs are scheduled instructions to run a script or commands on every minute, every hour, daily all weekly basis. There are certain restrictions for Cronjobs by different hosting providers. If you need to set Cron jobs beyond their limit you can always go for Third Party Cron job Providers like https://www.easycron.com/ https://www.setcronjob.com/ etc.

Unlimited Plans Offered by FastComet:

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 7
As per industry trend FastComet also offer unmetered or unlimited traffic/ bandwidth which are restricted indeed. But, it’s more than enough.

Look at this table below to get an idea about bandwidth limitations. Also, keep in mind that if you cross the limits they do not cancel or suspend your website. You have minimum 72 hours to make adjustment when they inform you about reaching the limits.

StartSmart :

– Concurrent connections (EP): 20

– Number of processes (nPROC): 40

– Script Executions: 1 000/hour, 10 000/day, 300 000/month

– Average Script Execution Time: 2

– Average Daily CPU Utilization: 40%

– Inodes: 250 000

– Minimum Cron Job Interval: 30mins

ScaleRight :

– Concurrent connections (EP): 30

– Number of processes (nPROC): 50

– Script Executions: 2000/hour, 20 000/day, 600 000/month

– Average Script Execution Time: 2

– Average Daily CPU Utilization: 60%

– Inodes: 350 000

– Minimum Cron Job Interval: 15mins

SpeedUp :

– Concurrent connections (EP): 40

– Number of processes (nPROC): 80

– Script Executions: 4 000/hour, 40 000/day, 800 000/month

– Average Script Execution Time: 6

– Average Daily CPU Utilization: 100%

– Inodes: 500 000

– Minimum Cron Job Interval: 5mins

They have shown an approximate “Unique visits per month” but you can always get more when you combine your website with proper Cache and CDN. They offer CloudFlare Free CDN with all their packages.

You can get One Free Domain Registration per account when you go for Annual Plan or more. You can get any of the top level and popular global domain extension as your domain name.

Cache and Speed Optimization with FastComet:

Let’s talk about 5 layers of Caching and Speed Optimization available with FastComet.

Please note, the highly recommended caching Technologies like Varnish, LiteSpeed LSAPI, Memcached, APC and OPcache is only available with “SpeedUp” plan. If you can’t afford their highest plan don’t worry. You can always use Cloudflare CDN and Caching, Mod_Expires, JavaScript bundling as recommended by Google and other 7 related technologies to make your website much faster. If you use WordPress or Joomla or any popular open source CMS then you can easily get some free plugins or addons to make your site very fast loading.

I like the transparency of FastComet when it comes with server resources. They guarantee Intel CPU cores from minimum two cores to six cores and RAM from 2GB to 6GB dedicated for their packages.

FastComet Hosting Security:

Talking about security; FastComet uses various protective mechanism to protect your website. They have all the tools like network firewalls, web application firewall, brute force protection, exploit and malware protection etc. common technologies with some exceptional features.

They use BitNinja Server Security which is highly sophisticated server security system with AI or Machine Learning capabilities in the market. You can also get frequent lockdown of your own account if you try to experiment some unusual activities on your web server. I have faced this many times and called customer support to lock me out. Other notable features like they use “CageFS Security” with “Account Isolation” which locks your account inside a virtual cage. If you host any malware or if your website gets hacked, other user will not be affected.

They will also clean your website if it is infected with Malware.

SSL Certificate Options with FastComet:

FastComet provides “Let’s Encrypt” Wildcard Global SSL for free with any of their accounts also if you buy some paid SSL certificate, they install it for you for free. I know many hosting providers charges for installing SSL Certificate if you brought from other source and deploy in their hosting. If you buy SCALERIGHT or SPEEDUP plan you can get Free GlobalSign Private SSL. All hosting packages are SNI enabled and if you like to purchase dedicated IP address for your site it is also available with FastComet.

Email and Database:

Talking about email features, FastComet provide all the necessary unlimited email features you can imagine of. Their uses “SpamExperts” to eliminate spam emails reaching before your inbox.

You can get unlimited MySQL databases on any of their plan but has some restrictions like below:

StartSmart Plan

  • Database Size: 350MB
  • Database Table Size: 125MB
  • DB Queries Execution Time: Up to 1 second

ScaleRight Plan

  • Database Size: 750MB
  • Database Table Size: 250MB
  • DB Queries Execution Time: Up to 2 seconds

SpeedUp Plan

  • Database Size: 1024MB
  • Database Table Size: 400MB
  • DB Queries Execution Time: Up to 2 seconds

Do not worry about this restriction because normally for an average size website with 500 or more pages uses database of merely up to 5-10 MB.

Other Common Features:

If you want to know about FTP, SSH and other developer friendly features you can get all of this with FastComet and check their website to know more.

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Note for experienced Developers and Webmasters:

FastComet Cloud Hosting also has a much better hidden package in their Arsenal for you! This is called Speed Booster package. This package is only available with “SpeedUp” plan. In speed booster package you can get three time less users sharing your web server. Also you will get three times more CPU and RAM allocation with much better security, backups and caching technologies.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 9

FastComet Shared Hosting Pricing:

Now I shall talk about their Shared Hosting Pricing details and you will know the reason of recommending FastComet to host your website. They offer three plans like any other web hosting provider. Basic plan called as “StartSmart” starting $2.95/mo as you can see at their website.

Wait a minute, there is a catch!

Please don’t get this wrong because it is impossible to provide so much features and support with this low cost. So, they have introduced “Term based pricing” model where are you can get the lowest price option. Still, their monthly packages are highly affordable when you compare with other popular hosting providers.

Why We Switched to FastComet from SiteGround? 10
FastComet vs Others

Here is The breakdown of all their pricing packages:

The longer billing cycle you choose, the better price you get. Here is how to benefit from the lower prices that you see on the compare page:

The StartSmart plan comes at $59,40 when you go an annual billing cycle, which comes at $4.95 monthly price, when divided in 12 months.

1 year – $4.95/mo x 12 – Total $59.40
2 years – $3.95/mo x 24 – Total $94.80
3 years – $2.95/mo x 36 – Total $106.20

The ScaleRight plan comes at $95.4 when you go an annual billing cycle, which comes at $7.95 monthly price, when divided in 12 months.

1 year – $7.95/mo x 12 – Total $95.40
2 years – $6.95 x 24 Total $166.80
3 years – $5.95 x 36 Total $214.20

The SpeedUp plan comes at $143.40 when you go an annual billing cycle, which comes at $11.95 monthly price, when divided in 12 months.

1 year – $11.95/mo x 12 – Total $143.40
2 years – $10.95/mo x 24 – Total $262.80
3 years – $9.95/mo x 36 – Total $358.20

Remember if you are going for Monthly Package without committing for minimum 1 year they will charge a setup fee of $19.95. This fee is applicable for Registering your Domain ($13.5) and other charges which is included.

Now, tell me what do you think about FastComet in comments below? We are happy with them hosting for long 3+ years and so, we recommend them for you.

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