Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself!

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself!

You have made up your mind about starting a Online Classifieds website. But you are also confused about which Classifieds Script or WordPress Classifieds Theme will perfectly fit for your website!

How about an Online Classifieds Website Script which has a complete “Back-end” management, 80+ Plug-ins fully customizable to fit any type of Niche Classified Site, also has iOS and Android Apps build along industry standards and fits all features within your Budget?

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According to Statista, a leading statistics portal, classifieds industry in the United States is on the increase and is expected to show an annual 5% revenue growth. Classifieds business is also rising all over Europe and Asia. Webmasters who wish to jump on the bandwagon and profit from classifieds prospects are often puzzled at a question how to get the ball rolling.

Webmasters may have a lot of brilliant and innovative classifieds business ideas but what they don’t have is the right classifieds script to breathe life into their ideas. Some are considering developing a php platform from scratch, others are looking at multiple classifieds software sellers on the Internet. As for the idea of developing a Classified script from scratch, we can only say that it will take a ton of time and money and will appear like you’re trying to re-invent a wheel. There are plenty of robust turn-key classifieds scripts that have everything, if not more for what you want to accomplish.

If you are one of the many webmasters who is at a crossroads not knowing where to turn and which script to choose, we’d like to take some of your time and tell you about Flynax Classifieds Software.

We’ve been writing about classifieds industry long enough to know which scripts are worth a recommendation. Flynax has been on the market for more than 10 years and its php classifieds script was tested on thousands of real customer sites. Over 10 years, a lot of features have been added, most of which were voted for as the most requested classifieds features. In this post, we would like to take a better look at Flynax and at how its php classified ads script can help you start your classifieds business.

Classifieds encompassing all niches

If you want to sell classifieds items across all niches: from cameras and TVs to cars and services, the all-in-one script is the one you should go for. Flynax offers a range of templates for various classifieds, our personal recommendation is a craigslist clone which allows you to deal in a multitude of classifieds categories.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 1

Our recommendation is to buy an auction plugin if your website is selling multiple classifieds items. The plugin will allow users to put their items up for auction and users will be able to make bids. An auction plugin provides better user engagement and creates a sense of urgency helping you close more sales.

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Real Estate Portal Script

If you wish to launch an online real estate agency where you can list your properties or open a platform where real estate agents have their own profile pages where they can add property listings – you should go with a real estate agency script that offers a range of thematic templates along with it.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 2

We recommend installing a Google street view plugin along with a real estate script. It allows a potential buyer to take a virtual 3D tour around the surroundings and get a better idea of the property on sale and its neighborhood.

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Rental property/car rentals/other rental-oriented sites

If you’ve been harboring the idea of opening a website like Airbnb or where users do not buy, but rent properties or other items, you can do that with Flynax provided that you buy a booking plugin along with the script (extra $45). As a matter of fact, you can do without the booking plugin, but it will mean that users will not be able to make bookings right from your website. That is why we believe that you are better off spending extra $45 but getting your users the ability to make bookings on your site. The booking option is beneficial for sellers as well because when the item is booked and a down payment has been paid, a seller may be 90% certain that a deal will be closed.

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Car Classifieds

Statistics show that people tend to change cars every four years and there’s an incredible amount of used cars on the market. 90% of car owners place the ads for the sale of their cars online while only 10% give away cars as gifts to other family members or relatives. With Flynax, you can start a full-fledged auto desk with multiple useful features. There are a lot of thematic templates to give a jump start to your auto classifieds business.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 3

To create a sense of urgency and increase sales, we recommend an auction plugin that will allow sellers to put their cars up for auction and buyers to make bids. Users from UK may also benefit from a car specs plugin allowing them to generate a detailed vehicle report on the fly.

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Escort Agency

Whether you own an escort agency and wish to feature your models on your site or you are a webmaster who wants to invite individual escorts to register and create profiles on your site, you can do so with Flynax agency script.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 4

Every model may have her own profile showing rates, availability calendar and a traveling schedule featuring a model’s route on Google maps. Agencies who may have hundreds of escorts may have their agency pages on subdomains where only a particular agency profiles are listed. Most importantly, for an escort script, Flynax offers payment providers that allow payments for adult-oriented sites.

Although Flynax does not offer a model agency script, the escort template may easily be adapted to suit a model agency; just like escorts, models may have their own profiles, rates per hour of modelling work, availability calendar and a touring schedule.

Similarly to a real estate portal, a solid escort site can’t go without a booking plugin. It will allow a user to check an escort’s availability schedule and book her for a certain date by making a down payment.

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Pets Classifieds

Whether you want to deal in purebred horses, open an animal shelter or any other website with pets-related service, you can do that with Flynax pets classifieds templates (currently there are two for you to choose from). Breeders are able to display their pets in an eye-catching gallery for all the members to see.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 5

We recommend that you get a filter plugin along with pets classifieds. It will allow users to quickly filter listings and find a pet of their dream without having to come up with different search parameters.

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Boats and Yachts classifieds

Recreational boating remains a popular activity in countries with access to seas and oceans. If you want to open a website that helps people to buy or sell their boats, you can do so with Flynax script. Yacht brokers may have their individual pages on a subdomain where they can showcase their boats and allow buyers to contact them through a contact form.

Classified Script or WordPress Classified Themes? Choose Yourself! 6

To help buyers better navigate your site, we recommend a similar boats/listings plugin. It creates a box with boats similar to a buyer’s preferences and when he has viewed a particular boat, he can click on any yacht in a box and view its details. The plugin increases user activity on your website and results in more ads viewed increasing the chances of a successful sale.

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Perhaps you haven’t found a niche for your classifieds website in this post; that is perfectly normal because it is impossible to cover all classifieds niches as they may vary widely according to webmasters’ preferences. Some wish to open a classifieds site dealing with only musical instruments others wish to start a classifieds portal uniting vintage records sellers. Luckily Flynax offers you the script that you can tailor to any classifieds concept by creating the listing types, categories and subcategories, building forms relevant to your niche. Clearly, you’ll also need to alter the template so that it sends the right message to site users, but that can be done easily with open source code.

Check inside out of Flynax Classified Software in this Video Review below.

We wish you good luck in your classifieds business and hope that you will find a money-making niche.

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