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10 Secret Tips for New Online Classified Site Founders

With advancement of Internet and technology different types of businesses are moving towards online space. To battle with their rivals or competitors. However every business can’t find right place to advertise their business online. The main solution of their is to advertise their business on a classified website. There are lots of opportunity to grab if we think deeply with their problems. Imagine a small pet seller who breeds dogs at home and sell them online to make some money and keep their hobby alive. He/She can’t afford to have a personal website to make sell the pets and puppies. The only option he/she might have to advertise the pets online to grab attention for potential buyers. The best place to advertise his/her small business in an online classified website.

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This is merely an example of the problem we can see. If you think you might found different problems faced by people to go for an online search to buy something. Niche online classified websites can only rescue them to get out of everyday problems. In this topic I shall give you top ten secret tips to start an online classified website and make profit out of it. Please read other topics to know more about online classified websites.

10 Secret Tips for New Online Classified Site Founders 1

Here we are giving 10 Secret Tips for New Online Classified Site Founders as we are covering all the details before starting a new classified site.

  1. Do not go for All-in-One Type Classified sites, because probably you will get lost among the Dominant sites. This means if you plan to include anything and everything to Buy and Sell in your Classified website, there will be much higher competition with giant classified sites like Craiglist, Olx, Backpage etc.
  2. Select a Specific Niche and polish it over and over to become a sustainable site. Please read How to Choose a Niche for an Online Classified Startup?
  3. When selecting Technologies for you Online Classified Site, always remember to choose which are easily upgrade-able when needed. When selecting your Script to build your classified site, make sure that you can upgrade it with additional features and options when needed. There are some good scripts can be found online to buy but check them thoroughly before deciding to purchase finally. We have listed some handpicked scripts or WordPress themes here 3 Amazing WordPress Classified Themes and a Bonus. Also you can read about features here Top Essential and Optional Features for Classified Websites
  4. Start Small but hope for Big, Bigger, Large and Larger. Remember when you were born you were very small and can’t do everything as adults can. Right? So, everything starts from small likewise. If you have planned to include every features and possibilities to include at starting point, then probably you are going to fail. Because in rush or hurry you will get lost to properly implement and testing every possibility of your classified site. Also, it is a good strategy to enable different features of your site and check whether your users are going to use and like it or not. You can increase releasing more features and options when your site becomes popular one by one.
  5. Do not only Rely on Online Medium, set aside some money for Offline Advertising Campaigns also. As a startup if you thing about promoting your classified site with premium advertisements, then you have to spend very large some of money online. It is better to consider some offline marketing campaigns also to populate your classified site among local users in different cities.
  6. Start with only the features what you really need, later add features one by one. As I have previously mentioned you must monitor your users with interacting by emails, surveys, heatmap analysis etc. to know which features are grabbing attention of your users and keep them.
  7. Give special considerations on Website Speed, User Experience and Responsiveness. Today everyone has access to high speed internet connections and no one likes a slow website. U/X or user experience means the flow of process when a user is posting an advertisement or a buyer is searching for an ad. Your site must be responsive to the screen resolution of your users device. Many users access these classified sites with their mobile devices like smartphone, tablets etc on the go.
  8. Always have a proper Budget and defined work flow in your business. You can find articles online stating that “start your online classified site less then $100 today” type but actually you need more money to keep the site and your business running. Defined workflow means you need a proper planning on what you are going to make and how everything will work as expected. You can contact me for a consultation on business process if you need to help with.
  9. Explore every possible websites where you can mention about your new Online Classified site. These may be online forums, blogs, social media etc. This are for learning more and Marketing your site together. You might find different possibilities to advertise and market your online classified website.
  10. Do not hire many people in the first place, rather try to do multitasking yourself and same for other founders.

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